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The best advertising is one they see every day!

Private Labeling Services

At INX Marketing, we understand how important it is to gain a competitive edge in your industry. It's our goal to be more than just a marketing partner but rather, a full service marketing & printing partner to help bring your brand to the next level and beyond!


With our Private Labeling Services INX Marketing provides a cost-effective & permanent solution to maintain your brand consistency across product ranges as well as customer recognition to make every part, component or product appear to be unique to your brand!

Look Professional

Present your product line in a  unique and professional way.

With our private labeling program, your products will be professionally branded to appear as if they were made specifically for your company.

Stand out 

Stand out in your industry!

Be the only provider or retailer to have your own custom printed,  privately labeled products,  at the ready for your customers to instantly know that part came from you!

Brand Recognition

Give your brand the best advertising – through your existing product line!

Our full-fledged branding program will make your business look more professional and is an excellent marketing tool for your business.

Private Labeling Without Limits 

Private label any product or part with out limits with INX Marketing

Private labeled electronics, parts and components

Ditch The Stickers

  At INX Marketing our printing solutions, specifically– direct-to-object printing allows us to print your logo or design directly on any surface from glass to fabric or metals or plastics! – The best part?  All of our printing ink is formulated to withstand harsh weather and cleaning solventsNever worry about you logo or design fading, chipping or stickers peeling off over time, weather, or cleaning!   

Direct to oject printing on any surface

 You Dream it well print it...on plastics, metals, glass, ceramic, vinyl, rubber, polypropylene, leather, acrylic, & more! 

Our Process

For Private Labeling and Mail-in services

Send Your Materials to us

Pack and send your materials to us to be customized with your brand

Send us your Artwork

Brand Personalization

Pack & Shipped 
back to your door!

Get Started Today!

Discover private labeling & more branding solutions from INX Marketing! Contact us today to make an impact today!

Promotional and private label Printing Ink samples

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